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JDS Online Resources & Tools

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JDS Image / Template Download

   Recommended Download Center
FTP Site on Exavault
Login for easy search functions:
username: jdscust
password: jdscust
Download Images, Templates, Catalog PDF, Retail Catalogs etc

  Image & Template Help / Instructions
Provides links to instructions on how to use Exavault site to download JDS images and templates

NOTE:   JDS Dropbox is no longer available. Please use Exavault, all the same resources are available in our Exavault account.

Shipping Info & Resources

   JDS $99 Free Freight Program Details

   Excel list - Products that require $500 Order for Free Freight: MDF Plaques, Marble Cup and Trophy Bases
↑ right-click and save file
   Manage/Control your UPS Shipments
Manage shipments like a pro with UPS My Choice® for business.

   Manage/Control your FedEx Shipments
Manage shipments with FedEx Delivery Manager®.

JDS Programs & Forms

   JDS New Customer Form / ACH Info

JDS Credit Application

   JDS Advantage Pricing Program
Sign form to order $5,000 or more of product from JDS Industries during the year and qualify to receive the best published price on unopened cases.

   Display Sample Program
Learn how JDS saves you money on New Product samples.

   Terms & Conditions

   JDS Fundraising Program

   JDS Editable Product Fliers

JDS Fabrication Resources

   Artwork Upload

   Trophy Building Guide

   Laser Settings

   Duets™ Information Page
Find color conversion charts, technical and safety data.

   Printer Profile - Download Center
ICC Profiles for Optimized Digital Printing Directly to Vinyl
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Got More ?'s - Connect with JDS

   JDS Contact Info

   JDS Trade Show Schedule
Visit with us a tradeshow to see new products and demos.

   Virtual Tradeshow

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